Meet Our Principal Financial Adviser



Principal Financial Adviser

Maryam Touchai

MA (Diplomacy), DFS, Advanced DFS


“I feel blessed to have developed my passion from an early age. I studied Journalism and International Relations to join the United Nations to make effective changes for the most vulnerable. However, when my first child was born, I felt that I had to match my career with my lifestyle, so I looked for an alternative way to change people’s lives positively.

My passion for assisting others to better their lives enables me to deliver cost-effective and high-quality financial advice to empower my clients with peace of mind and a more robust financial future.

It’s gratifying to see my clients retire with peace of mind, helping them redirect their tax towards their children’s education, protecting their family financially if something happens and creating the opportunity to establish solid investment strategies.”


Maryam has worked in the financial services field for over 12 years after completing her studies in journalism and international relations, as well as earning all relevant financial certifications for financial planning.

Maryam is dedicated to accompanying her clients on their financial journeys and offering high-quality financial services. Maryam’s purpose for clients is to educate and lead them towards their desired financial path, with a background in diplomacy and humanitarianism.

Her dedication to providing personalised guidance is demonstrated by her ongoing development and educational webinars for all clients. Maryam is a member of the FPA and upholds the highest standards of compliance and ethics. Maryam maintains a high standard of financial planning compliance and cybersecurity.

Quality and effective financial advice can make the upmost difference for your financial lifestyle. By exploring your current situation and advising on all the financial options in your best interest, you can feel confident and satifised with your finance.